A healthier alternative!

Frosty Boy has developed a range of frozen yoghurt powder bases that are quick and easy to create and complete with the authentic yoghurt taste and health benefits found in natural yoghurt. As Australia's largest frozen yoghurt manufacturer, Frosty Boy is committed to providing high quality products, with dedicated customer service across Australia and Internationally.

Frosty Boy Frozen Yoghurt powder bases were designed to create deliciously tarty and tangy, natural tasting yoghurt. Each of our premium frozen yoghurt bases are developed using top quality, natural and fresh Australian ingredients and probiotics that are found in fresh yoghurt. The blend of fresh ingredients and probiotics give Frosty Boy Frozen Yoghurt that full authentic yoghurt taste.

Our frozen yoghurt bases offer endless serving options – enjoy them plain on their own, with fresh or frozen fruit, popular decadent flavours such as coffee and chocolate, fruit flavouring including mango and mixed berries and even blended into a fresh fruit yoghurt smoothie. Versatility is key with Frosty Boy Frozen Yoghurt bases.

Developed to add profitability your store as well as making frozen yoghurt as easy as possible - just add water to obtain a creative, high quality and delicious frozen yoghurt powder.

Advantages of Frozen Yoghurt Powders:

Frosty Boy offers a range of frozen yoghurt blends that suit every customer and situation and are all natural and free of preservatives. Our range includes varieties such as:

Frozen Yoghurt bases are just one part of the extensive range on offer from Frosty Boy Australia.

Established in 1976, Frosty Boy Australia create and supply a wide range of frozen dessert and beverage powders to franchises and independents in the foodservice industry, both in Australia and worldwide. Our constant commitment to research and development and ongoing improvement into better products at better prices, has helped Frosty Boy Australia forge long-term relationships with its clients and establish itself as an Australian Icon.

The Frosty Boy Research & Development team consists of highly skilled, experience and qualified food technologists who are committed to providing exciting, innovative new products of high quality for all our customers. Each product is tested extensively prior to market launch with our on-sire application and pilot plant equipment to ensure each blend we are producing is of the highest and finest quality.

We are dedicated to helping you succeed using our products. To find out how and for more information on our products and company,
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